Key West FISHING ...  Snapper Fishing Seminar.
Become an expert at catching Mutton Snapper and Red Snapper!

This is the first complete, online KEY WEST MUTTON SNAPPER fishing seminar ever. Secrets revealed by the technique originator Carl Rees for catching mutton snapper so you can become an expert at catching quantity and quality mutton snapper on light tackle!

For less than the cost of a half day of fishing Key West you can learn to catch Mutton Snapper superior to the majority of Key West fishing captains. Course material is designed for use by fishing professionals as well as novice fishermen. You'll learn the snapper technique that has captured Six of the Worlds Record Mutton Snapper. Each catch was approved by the International Game Fish Association IGFA.  We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, E-Check and PayPal.  Or you can make your purchase by phone by calling us at 906-984-4079 or E-mail us. On e-mails, Please include a phone number  so we may contact you to complete your membership and provide you a password and Member ID.  Now's the time to change the quality of your Key West fishing... Miami fishing...  or wherever you choose for snapper fishing... Your complete satisfaction is gu
aranteed with our  30 Day Money Back Guarantee ! Course cost is $350.00

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Catching Mutton snapper with secret Key West FISHING technique...

John smiles proudly with a 20.8 pound Mutton snapper caught on 6 lb. test. Since John holds the previous world record mutton snapper for 6 lb. line class, the Mutton snapper pictured here will mean he will beat his own world record set while Key West FISHING using the Snapper Fishing Seminar technique.

This Mutton snapper pictured here is the current men's 6 lb. line class World Record and was approved by the IGFA.

Scott Goldsmith with Mutton snapper record....

Scott Goldsmith holds up his new Junior World Record Mutton snapper approved by the IGFA.. Congratulations Scott!! by Carl Rees

Mutton snapper 22 pounds 12 oz. caught while fishing Key West...

Looking good Steve!!  Fish weighed in at 22 lb. 12 oz. It was caught on 8lb. test.  Congratulations Steve! Steve's fish was approved by the IGFA and is still the current World Record on 8 lb. line class.

Key West fishing with 4 lb. test, World Record in Key West fishing.

Looking good Suzanne!!  Mutton snapper weighed in at 16 lb. 8 oz. and was caught on 4 lb. test. This Key West snapper was caught using the Snapper Fishing Seminar technique.  4lb line class was approved by the IGFA and is still the current World Record on 4 lb. test. By Carl Rees

Contained in the step-by-step course, you'll learn a detailed method of catching mutton snapper that is not contained in any sport fishing magazines and has never been offered anywhere before. Captain Carl Rees, the originator of this technique, will lead you through each step using still photos, detailed descriptions, drawings, and occasionally video clips. Should you have questions; you will be able to pose your questions by simply e-mailing or calling in a request to Captain Carl. He will be pleased to directly  answer all your questions. 906-984-4079 or
Your complete satisfaction is gu
aranteed with our  30 Day Money Back Guarantee !

The Key West Fishing Seminar, Catching Mutton Snappers Seminar and Snapper Fishing Seminar are for paid members only. The creation of this course and the contents therein represent years of fishing experience, knowledge and innovation by Captain Carl M. Rees in their harvest and capture of snappers in the Florida Keys and Key West. Membership entitles the member and his or her immediate family private use of all course material. Reprinting of any portion of or all of the course contents for public distribution without the consent of its creators shall be pursued to the full extent of the law.

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